forte academy of the arts music lessons in san diego, ca
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forte academy of the arts music lessons in san diego, ca
Forté Academy of the Arts - San Diego, CA | Music Lessons
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forte academy of the arts music lessons in san diego, ca

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music lessons in san diego, ca
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Carlsbad Music Lessons - Private Music Lessons near Carlsbad, CA

Why should Carlsbad students choose Forté Academy of the Arts for their 
music and art lessons? 

With over 20 years of teaching experience and nearly 400 students taking weekly music or art lessons, we are so happy to now have this location open for music lessons near Carlsbad. We understand that the process of finding a great music teacher can be daunting, but we have done all of the homework for you in that all of the music teachers we have hired have undergone rigorous personal and professional screening and evaluation. That means you truly get the very best in North San Diego County. 

Our teachers have excellent retention, but if for any reason you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with your teacher, we are more than happy to help you change to another teacher who is a better fit for you. Personality is as important as expertise. Our teachers are extremely friendly and are great at communicating the information they know to help you further your skill as a musician also. 

We recommend weekly music lessons, but students can choose to do more if they would like. At Forté we also have spring and winter recitals each year, and welcome students to participate and show their talent and growth.

You may already know, but the Museum of Making Music is one of the best places to visit for music lovers in Carlsbad. The museum features a wide range of exhibits pertaining to the history of music and the manufacturing of musical instruments. It was founded in 1988 by NAMM, (The National Association of Music Merchants.) The museum has an area for visitors to get some hands-on time playing a variety of instruments. It’s a truly inspiring place, and after visiting, you may be wondering where you can find quality music lessons in Carlsbad.

Our studio is centrally located just 7 miles from the beach and within 1 mile of Carlsbad. We are located at 615 Sycamore Avenue, Vista, CA.

What Instrument Do You Want to Learn In Your Music Lessons or Art Lessons near Carlsbad?

Our teachers teach you the instrument and style of music YOU want to learn. We offer piano, guitar, voice, bass,drums, violin, ukulele, and even art lessons

Here are some interesting facts about the instruments you can choose to learn to play at Forté:

Keyboard instruments- Among all the other musical families, keyboard instruments are actually the newest to be used. The first keyboard instrument was the organ, appearing in its modern form during the fourteenth century. Surprisingly, the now ubiquitous piano wasn’t even introduced until the year 1700, but it has since made a huge impact on music and composition world wide. Piano lessons for students in Carlsbad might be the best place for you to start since the piano is the easiest way to learn music theory.

Drums- Next to the human voice and those bone flutes, percussion instruments are some of the oldest instruments known to man, which makes sense since it doesn’t take much to hit a stick against a rock. Drums made of alligator skins found in China date back to 2350 B.C. Today, drums are a necessary part of a band, creating the rhythm and keeping time. We teach rock, jazz, and pop drum lessons from beginner to advanced skill level.

Voice/singing- Singing is such a basic activity to humanity that its origins tend to get lost in history, predating even the development of spoken and written language. It is the original musical instrument, and everyone can do it. It just takes a little time and practice. Many of our students take voice lessons. Our teachers apply the techniques they teach to the song of your choice.  So voice lessons are fun and relevant to help you reach your specific goals. 

Strings- Archaeologists have found string instruments that have dated as far back as 2500 B.C. The plucking and strumming of string instruments actually hasn’t changed much since then, but the types, sounds, and techniques of string instruments have seen immense growth. If you know how to play the violin, you can play any of the instruments in the violin family:  Violin, Viola or Cello.  Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitar and Violin lessons in Carlsbad are great for beginning musicians. We teach students as young as five years old to play violin and guitar. Our San Marcos location is less than 15 minutes from your home in Carlsbad.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, you're in Carlsbad and you want to take music lessons? Check out these FAQs about music.

Do I need to use a guitar pick?

Whether or not you choose to use a pick depends on the style you want to learn. Classical guitarist and finger-style players don’t use picks often. If you want to play rock or use an electric guitar, you will use a pick. For general playing, using a pick is recommended when you begin your guitar lessons in Carlsbad, to learn strumming patterns because the metal strings can hurt your fingers. As you progress, your instructor can help you to decide whether you should change your pick’s thickness or continue using a pick at all.

I’m tone deaf. Will I be able to learn to play an instrument?

Many people think they are “tone deaf” when in reality they are not. Within the first few guitar, drums, or piano lessons in Carlsbad, you will realize how extremely rare “tone deafness” is. Yes, some people have trouble matching pitch, but that comes from their own inexperience playing or closely listening to music. You may not develop perfect pitch, but even most professionals don’t have perfect pitch. The more you learn, practice, and play your instrument, the better your hearing and listening skills will become. We have taught students who could not at first match pitches at all to sing and play in key and on pitch very well. 

​What kind of equipment will I be learning on taking music lessons at Forté Academy?

We have top of the line equipment and instruments at our studio. With Yamaha Grand Pianos and keyboards for our piano students to learn on. Guitar and violin students bring their own instruments with them to class. Drum students use our drum sets here in the studio.

See our homepage to learn the benefits of becoming a student at Forté Academy!

You can contact Forté Academy of the Arts at 760-622-6336 if you’re interested in starting music lessons.

Forté Academy of the Arts is family-owned and operated right near Carlsbad, CA, just off Sycamore and Hwy. 78 at the edge of Carlsbad, San Marcos, and Vista. We are just 10 minutes from the beach and 8 minutes from McClellan-Palamar Airport. Since our company opened its doors, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our customer service is sure to exceed your expectations, and comes with a personal touch.  We teach students to not only play by note, but also to play by ear and by chord charts. If you have always wanted to learn, now is the perfect time to register for music lessons!  
Piano Lessons in Carlsbad, CA

Drum Lessons in Carlsbad, CA
Guitar Lessons in Carlsbad, CA

Learn more about what's happening at Forté Academy in our monthly newsletter.

What is the name of blues singer BB King's guitar? Lucille
How many keys does a piano have? 88
What is the full name for the piano? forte piano.  
It was first called the forte piano because it could make both soft and loud sounds unlike the harpsichord. 

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Read reviews from other moms and students of Forté Academy of the Arts on our News & Reviews page or on Yelp. 

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